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Our Pastry Chef, Kristie, moved to Atlanta in May and rather than searching for a new pastry chef/decorator, we have decided to stop making cakes.  This change will allow us to focus on the retail store front and expand our class offerings. 

We will miss Kristie and the wonderful expressions on customers faces when we would bring out their cakes. Thank you to everyone who has gotten cakes from us in the past.

Many of our customers have cake businesses and create a variety of wonderful cakes and other pastries. The following pdf file contains a list of cake businesses around the Austin area.

Custom Cake Referral List

We wanted to leave some of the pictures of cakes on here that we have made in the past.  Enjoy looking at the images - maybe they will be an inspiration for your next cake!



Kristie's Cakes June 2008

Kristie's Cakes July 2008

Kristie's Cakes - December 2008

Kristie's Cakes - January 2009

Kristie's Cakes - April 2009

Dr. Seuss Cake - May 2009

Kristie's Cakes - May 2009

Kristie's Cakes - January 2010










































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